On Behalf Of The People

A play by Ray Castleton
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On Behalf of The People was an original commission by the National Coal Mining Museum as part of its exhibition to mark 70 years since the nationalisation of the coal mining industry. The play premiered at the venue in summer 2017 before embarking on a community venue tour, receiving audience and critical acclaim. On Behalf of The People writer and Hand On The Tap Founder, Ray Castleton said — “The play is based on extensive research about the people who lived in mining communities just after the war and how the aftermath of the war and the massive change — the election of the post-war Labour government, nationalisation, the new health service and the development of social housing – impacted on their lives. I was keen to write a story about real people and how their lives and relationships changed; the audience reaction we received last year confirmed that the story touched people in its authenticity and honesty.”

"On Behalf of the People is a stunning, measured piece of theatre that combines moving performances with a firm sense of purpose, poise and artistic integrity that celebrates the everlasting mission of those who gave everything to the mining industry"

— Christopher Peterson, Onstage Blog
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